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On-Site and Near-Site Child Care Solutions

Providing employees with on-site or near-site child care solutions is one of the most impactful benefits an organization can provide--not just for the employee, but for the employer too. Lowering employee stress, increasing employee loyalty, and being recognized as an "employer of choice" has a significant impact to an organization's bottom line.

Over 90% of employees sited increased loyalty to their employer for offering on-site child care
- Boston College Center for Work and Family, 2001, p. 5

Over 30% of companies on the Fortune 100 best companies to work for have an on-site child care center
- best companies to work for 2012

According to the National Institute for Health, 67% of employees sited less stress due to having an on-site child care center.

The Learning Experience® wants to be your "partner of choice" which allows your business to focus on what you do best. We help you with everything from beginning to assess your employees' needs, to locating and designing a Center that fits your unique employer identity, to transitioning from a current operator. The Learning Experience® is here to help you along the way.