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Candy Overload: 6 Sweet Ways to Lighten Your Haul
The TLE Team
Candy Overload: 6 Sweet Ways to Lighten Your Haul

Here at The Learning Experience® we love celebrating Halloween with center hosted events for our families to enjoy. Between our center events and neighborhood trick-or-treating our students can collect double the amount of candy during the holiday. So much candy that a common dilema that arises for parents is: What do you do now that Halloween is over and you’re left holding the bag? The overflowing bag of candy that is! 

Well we have a few a suggestions on how to unload that extra stash of candy your little one doesn’t quite need.

Before you dispense your children’s Halloween loot, sit them down let them choose between the candy they want to keep and the candy they are willing to part with. This gives them the opportunity to be a part of the process and can prevent potential outbursts and tantrums.

Donate it:

We always love any opportunity that encourages our students to participate in a philanthropic activity, whether it is in our classrooms or at home. Most of our centers ask our families to bring in leftover candy to be donated to charitable organizations like Operation Gratitude and Operation Shoebox, who provide sweet care packages to our troops overseas.

Freeze it:

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Instead of wasting your little one’s hard earned treats, why not freeze them to sprinkle a little life into future snacks? Throughout the year, you can add the candy to milkshakes, sundaes, ice cream and plain cookie dough.

Game it:

Utilize the extra candy as a teaching tool. Use the candy for activities such as counting games that encourage children to engage in learning exercises in exchange for candy rewards for participation.

Gift it:

Why not show appreciation for the loved ones in your child’s life? Creating fun candy puns as gifts for teachers, friends, grandparents and neighbors can be a fun and rewarding activity for both you and your child. Looking for some ideas? Check out the Pun-tastic Sweet Treats Pinterest board.

Bake & Make it:

What’s better than sweet treats? Even more sweet treats! Take some of the candy collected and turn them into a new recipe opportunity. There are troves of recipe ideas that include popular Halloween candies. Check out our Halloween at Home Pinterest board for some inspiration.

Share it:

Brighten up your co-workers day with some candy confection by bringing some of the leftover candy into the office — guaranteed to make you a candidate for employee of the month.

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