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What are parents saying about TLE?

I was looking for a preschool for my son. When I visited TLE, I knew right away it was the perfect place for my son. Everyone is so warm and friendly. It is very comforting to know that while I am at work, my son is in good hands. I am also very pleased with the curriculum. My son's vocabulary has increased tremendously. He talks about the solar system, germs, volcanoes, and countries. I am really really impressed TLE. Keep it up!
I cannot say enough about the staff, curriculum, communications, and love that exudes from the Humble TLE off Beltway 8 North! Between Miss Thewanna, Miss Liz, Miss Anna, and all the others who helped my child grow, learn, share, spell, write, learn sign language, and Spanish; this was a God-send. My little was in the Pre-K, 4 yr olds. He came home with phenomenal tactile projects, Christmas ornaments, Thanksgiving thoughts, and lots of smiles. TLE Humble also did parent activities for occasions like Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparent's Day, Flag Day, and Halloween Trunk-or-Treat; to just name a few. We even had a birthday party there! I love TLE Humble and their transparency with children and parents. I'm so happy that you've seen, helped, and shared in the growth and happiness of my child. Thank you for what you do for working parents and our worries. To greater success, Brock's Mom
My 4 year old daughter has attended TLE since she was just over a year and my 8 month old son has been attending for 3 months now. I love all the teachers and staff there. I am amazed by how much my daughter has learned and how much the both enjoy being there! Every teacher there is great! My daughter had Miss. Jo for 2 classrooms and she became very close with her. It made me comfortable sending my son there knowing the bond she had. Thank you!
TLE has been a great experience. One thing I can say that is absolutely the best, is the security! Never have to worry about my children while I'm working! The teachers and staff are so friendly and nice. They will act on a situation you may have very quickly. The center is clean and sanitized which is a plus for me! My children have learned so much their first week. I can say that this center is the best. Thanks you teachers and staff!