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What are parents saying about TLE?

We needed a daycare center we could rely on & instantly loved the clean, stimulating environment we walked into at TLE. Our son cried the first couple days as we transitioned him from an in home daycare at 18 months. After that he didn't even care that mommy was gone. It takes a lot to trust your child's life with people you don't know, but they put both my son & I at ease. They welcome parent involvement, accommodate special learning needs & truly want the best for your children. My son is getting a special ed teacher from the county because he wasn't saying more than mama & dada at almost 2 & within 3 weeks, he has at least 20 words!!! The staff are so good at helping him & I trust them all with my little man. I can't thank them enough for all they've done for my little family.
When my twin girls were three months, it was time to head back to work. I was nervous about childcare and how I would balance it all. The administration and especially the caring teachers (Dina, Debbie, Michelle and Andrea amongst all the other wonderful women I see day in and day out) put me at ease that first, difficult week. Since then, my girls are SO happy and well taken care of each day. TLE exudes warmth, safety, creativity and happiness. We made the best decision! Thanks for all you do!
My son started going to TLE in Westampton when he was 18 months old. I knew I loved it as soon as I walked through the doors. It was so bright, so colorful and so clean. The administration and teachers are so friendly and address any concerns my husband and I have. My son is now four, and he loves it. He has learned so much. My 3 year old daughter can't wait to go!
The Learning Experience is a place that I highly would recommend! Being first time parents, we wanted to ensure that we found a great fit for our son, who started with TLE at 6 months. We set up several tours, and decided on TLE, because we were impressed with the cleanliness, a clearly stated curriculum that involved both sign language and spanish, the bright, open, and colorful rooms, and loved how the owner took her time to explain how they worked, and what to expect so that we felt very comfortable leaving our son in their care. The staff is CPR certified, SIDS certified and have an Early Childhood Education background. They have indoor and outdoor areas for play. The outside area is covered and has plenty of equipment. Inside, they have a play room that looks like a little town with a slide for rainy days. We've been beyond thrilled with our decision. Each time you go to pick up your child, you have a key fab to open the secured doors, safety is big here. When you see your child in the classroom, the teachers always seem to be very involved. They don't sit back and just let your child play. Numerous times I walked in to the teacher holding my son, with his head on her shoulder, as happy as can be. This showed me she truly loved her job, and that he felt safe and secure in her arms. I also walked in to find her singing the wheels on the bus, as they danced and did hand signals, art time, and outdoor play. At the end of the day, you get a sheet that explains what your child did for the day. This includes the food they ate, and amount, their potty breaks, nap time, what they were learning that day, sign language for the week, anything needed from the parent to bring in like diapers or wipes, and their mood for the day. The learning section was always impressive to me. It is very detailed and my son seems to be ahead of the curve learning wise, which I can thank TLE for. As far as the price goes, it falls in line with others in the area, and the location is conveniently off of Glenwood Avenue, or the back way, Leesville Road. The owner, Ms. Jane has made this place what it is with love and heart. Jane knows every child and parents name, and has an open door policy. She can be seen in the classrooms, outside, and in the hallways. Having a visible owner who is involved is important to us. Being at TLE has made me feel like a part of a big family. Ms. Jane and the teachers very much love their children as if they are their own. Parents and staff are all a team, and the relationships built here are genuine. Obviously, I cannot say enough great things about this daycare. I have very high expectations when it comes to care for my son, which is why I felt the need to express my happiness here. Thank you to TLE for meeting and surpassing my expectations!