Partnering with your Corporation employee discount program

For working families, child care fees rank as one of the top family expenses, second only to a mortgage. It is therefore imperative that single parent and working parent families are able to afford quality child care, especially if they need care for more than 8 hours a day. Unfortunately, the cost of that child care can regrettably leave some families second guessing if both parents should continue working. The TLE Work and Family Experience® was created to ease the burden on these families. Through our Work and Family Experience® hundreds of corporations like J.P. Morgan Chase, Merck & Co., PricewaterhouseCoopers, Starbucks Corporation, and Toys "R" Us are able to offer their employees a zero cost, value-added child care benefit. Employees of these corporations receive a generous rate reduction on their child care tuition fees from TLE®. And in return, their employers are able to offer a top-notch child care benefit that helps to lower absenteeism and increases productivity among employees.

With The Work and Family Experience® corporate discount at participating TLE® centers, working families are not only able to afford their child care costs, but they’re also able to send their children to a safe, nurturing, and high quality early childhood program that is both affordable and close to work or home.

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