What people are saying about TLE®

"My children both absolutely LOVE TLE. This has been their first daycare experience and I could not be happier. They have both learned so much already. Being a part of TLE is like having a large extended family. When our son Andrew needed to leave TLE to have surgery, he was sent off with tons of well wishes and sweet cards from his classmates and teachers, as well as our daughter's classmates and teachers. Then management and staff took it upon themselves to do a bake sale fundraiser for Andrew! It was a huge success and made a difficult time a little less stressful. We are so grateful for our TLE family!"

﹘ Tanya, TLE Parent
TLE at North Brunswick

"My husband and I came to TLE with high hopes and expectations for our daughters first schooling experience. The teachers and staff made us feel so welcome and made the transition from home care to schooling very easy. I never once felt apprehensive about dropping her off. She loves going to school and has really thrived in only a few months of being at TLE. I am currently pregnant with our second child and I know that this one will be going to TLE as well. I love the staff and how they treat us with open arms. This really is the best place to send your child. "

﹘ Danielle P., TLE Parent
TLE at Folsom

"My son is 20 months old and was recently diagnosed with Autism. While waiting for the evaluation and the results we decided to put him in TLE to have him socialize with other children in an attempt to get him to open up. 2 weeks at TLE and he became a completely different child. He started giving more eye contact, making more sounds, and using signs they had taught him in class to communicate. He was excited to go to school in the morning and couldn't wait to get into his classroom to see his friends. This place is incredible and probably the best decision I have ever made. "

﹘ Roselynn B., TLE Parent
TLE at Jacksonville Mandarin

"My son has been attending here for most of his almost 2 years of life. He is happy to go, he talks about the teachers and his friends with excitement, and waves goodbye to us at drop off! It is hard to leave your kids at anytime... but TLE warminster makes it easier. I know they are providing great care, education, and fun activities!  "

﹘ Jenny B., TLE Parent
TLE at Warminster

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