What people are saying about TLE®

"We have been part of the TLE-Milford family since 2010 when our oldest was just 12 weeks old and started in the Infant room. She is now on the verge of starting her last year at TLE. Her little sister just turned 2 and has been having a ton of fun in the Twaddler room!! Choosing a daycare or preschool is a very personal decision and we are so glad we made the one we did. I can go on about the curriculum and tools available, the great rooms, Make-Believe-Boulevard and the playground but at the end of the day it is the teachers and staff that make it great. Everyone there takes the time to really know each child and do what is needed to help that child succeed. They may slightly adjust a schedule so that the kids that have a tough time waking up from nap get a little extra time. They will help "detach" a crying child at drop-off and give them the cuddles and distraction to help them start the day (and by the end of the day that same kid has no interest in leaving Make Believe). They pay attention and know when someone may have had a bad night sleep (and needs a bit more patience) or is breaking a tooth (and needs a bit more patience, lol). They listen if you have a special request (can you make sure she eats her fruit first) or had a bad morning (why yes, I would love it if you could get her to brush her hair today...). They tell you if they notice something (she was a bit clingy today) and will do what they can to help with that (so we let her sleep an extra hour). They remember special things (like crazy names for grand parents or what night their gymnastics is). And I am sure they keep a number of secrets that our preschoolers like to tell them (daddy put a dress on last night to play princess with us!) Leaving your kids with someone can be hard - but our TLE family make it a bit easier :). "

﹘ Kate P., TLE Parent
TLE at Milford

"My family and I couldn't be happier with The Learning Experience in Foxboro. My daughter has attended since she was 2 and my son has attended since he was 12 weeks old. They both love TLE and I am constantly amazed at how much they learn. Every teacher knows both of my children by name and I have no doubt that they treat them as though they were their own. I would recommend TLE Foxboro to anyone!"

﹘ Jaime, TLE Parent
TLE at Foxboro

"When I go to pick up Kiaan and see other parents in the hallway coming to check out TLE, I always wanna say "Come here! You will love it" :) Our son, Kiaan, started in Infant A and is now in Infant C - he has learned so much in each classroom. The Make Believe Boulevard is his favorite - he doesn't want to leave - to me that is a good thing :)"

﹘ Shana A., TLE Parent
TLE at Milford

"Our sons recently started at TLE in May. Our 4 year old is in the Preschool 2 classroom and loves every minute of it. He comes home and teaches me the sign language hes learned or tells me about the topic of the week. Our youngest is in the Twaddler room and had stayed home with mom prior to being enrolled at TLE. The teachers and staff were incredible and really went above and beyond to help us all transition. We've had bad experiences in the past with other daycares when our 4 year old was in daycare and coming to The Learning Experience has definitely been the best decision. I canont say enough good things about everyone involved in our sons' care!"

﹘ Brittany M., TLE Parent
TLE at Milford

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