Purpose-Built Facilities, the perfect environment for your child to learn

We understand that for many children, The Learning Experience Academy of Early Education will be their first exposure to structured learning. As such, our centers have been physically designed to foster an environment where students can come together as a learning community and start a life-long journey of learning and inquiry. Our classrooms are built to encourage natural curiosity and creativity. Our furniture, accessories and supplies have been selected to match their age and size to ensure that their introduction to learning is free of unease or discomfort.

  • Cameras in each of the classrooms that are monitored in the administrative office
  • Safe, secure and private access to the center
  • Rounded corners in hallways
  • Bathrooms designed for age-appropriate use
  • Changing tables are faced out so that teachers will never have their back to children
  • Separate classrooms that have been specifically designed for infants, toddlers and preschoolers
  • Make Believe Blvd.® a miniature Main Street, USA: a classroom designed to develop and expand socio-dramatic play
  • Access to age-appropriate technology
  • Spacious, fenced-in playgrounds. One area was designed specifically for infants and toddlers and the other for preschoolers

Rollover the interactive center below to take a look inside each purpose-designed classroom.

- regular playtime including music, belly time, exploration, stimulation as well as nap and feeding times.

- sign language is introduced to increase advancement in communication.

- all infants have their own personal cubby and crib

- private nursing room for moms

- 14-step diaper changing procedure strictly adhered to.

- interactive play, music, and dance.

- outdoor time encourages social engagement in plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

- age-appropriate fitness toys and activities keep toddlers on the move.

- self-help skills such as washing hands, picking up after themselves and sharing fosters social assimilation.

- beginning with social skills, twaddlers will participate in short group circle times.

- engagement in imaginary play, creative arts and a colorful assortment of reading options.

- potty training and beginner daily life skills.

- daily nap and soothing books help unwind a busy twaddler.

- early writing and object recognition introduced through L.E.A.P.® to help prepare for reading and preschool.

- a strong focus on developmental behavior takes shape, including social skills.

- formal introduction to potty training.

- basic lessons in computer skills and enrichment programs.

- vital cognitive skills, such as matching, sequencing, story-telling and writing are all part of their daily routine.

- our preschoolers are introduced to L.E.A.P.® into Spanish and Fun with Phonics®

- socio-dramatic play is encouraged at our Make Believe Boulevard®

- our teachers are state-certified and align their lessons with the State's standards.

- a mastery of social, cognitive and physical skills will provide for exceptional preparation.

- complex concepts such as left vs. right, problem solving and independent reasoning are achieved.
make believe blvd.

- a scaled-down replica of Main Street, USA.

- complete with a general store, garage, police and fire station and more.

- helps children make sense of the world around them through socio-dramatic play.

- outdoor fun on age-appropriate equipment.

- climbing and exercise in a safe environment.

- throwing balls and playing games with friends.

- encourages social interaction in plenty of fresh air and sunshine.