Enrichment Programs

The Learning Experience® is devoted to cultivating creative, compassionate, and innovative thinkers. Our enrichment kit programs serve as fundamental components to help achieve that goal. Music, math, science, dance, Yoga, performing arts, and physical fitness are all components of our exceptional Charlie Choo Choo® enrichment series. These programs encourage children to explore different avenues of learning. Because at TLE®, we believe that what is good for one child, is good for all children. Unlike other child care centers, our enrichment programs are included in the cost of regular tuition. Charlie Choo Choo® enrichment programs offer a unique approach to education geared toward broadening the children's scope of learning. The enrichment programs are offered through unique kits that are given to each child. These enrichment kits are packed with tools designed to assist TLE® teachers with implementing the enrichment programs inside their own classrooms. This approach gives TLE® teachers the flexibility to incorporate the thematic activities into the core TLE® curriculum. The learning experiences that these kits offer do not stop at the end of each 12-week session. Afterwards, the children get to bring their kits home to share what they have learned with their parents and to continue to use the resources for further learning.

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Through our Charlie Choo Choo® enrichment programs, children are introduced to:

Dancing Feet®

Dancing Feet® teaches children basic dance steps and encourages them to express themselves through their own independent movements. This enrichment program gives children the opportunity to participate in social, cultural and creative dances.

Talent Sprouts®

Talent Sprouts® enrichment kits are a key component of the all-encompassing theater program that introduces children to a variety of forms of performance, creativity, and self-expression. Each week the children will have hands-on experience with acting, singing, props, costume design, set design, and set construction; all while learning how each element is a vital component to a performance.

Yippee 4 Yoga®

This exciting program helps children grow physically and mentally while promoting focus and serenity. Yippee 4 Yoga® helps children develop motor skills, coordination, and concentration - all aspects that are important to a young child’s life. We believe that by guiding children to become more in tune with themselves, they will become more self-aware, focused, and at peace. Children as young as six weeks old, and up to six years old, improve their strength, balance, flexibility, and overall emotional well-being during our unique Yippee 4 Yoga® program.

Movin' N Groovin'®

Movin’ n Groovin’® encourages children to appreciate physical fitness while fostering in them the wholesome desire to be physically fit.  Through a variety of activities such as sports, aerobics, and tumbling, children learn that exercise can be fun.

Super Soccer®

Super Soccer® is an enrichment program that introduces children to the wonderful sport of soccer. Each week, the program will teach children how to play the sport through fun games, skill-specific drills, and important fitness techniques that will create a lifelong love for the sport.

Suddenly Science®

This enrichment program teaches children the scientific method by having them perform experiments. The program is tailored for each child’s level of comprehension. The children will delve into topics such as color mixing, chemical reactions, and surface tension.

Music 4 Me®

This program includes a variety of music, rhythm and movement. It encompasses American, Latin, opera, Dixieland, show tunes, traditional children’s music, and contemporary children’s music. Music 4 Me® is offered to all age groups and is a wonderful way to teach emotional values and promote positive energy outlets.

Marvelous Math®

Marvelous Math® teaches children how math plays an important role in their daily lives. Through this unique approach, the children explore topics such as number recognition, patterns, sorting, measurements, and basic equations. The children learn that mathematics is a building process that can be fun and exciting as they discover some of math’s most interesting applications through hands-on activities.