The TLE Vision Enroll at TLE

The Nation’s Fastest Growing Child Care Franchise!

  • With The Learning Experience® you will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.
  • Nearly 10 million families in the U.S. currently have no formal child care available to them.
  • No experience necessary. Our 30+ years of experience and proven operations systems will make you a successful child care operator.
  • You can be in business in less than 6 months by selecting a location that is currently under development.
  • We coordinate the entire site selection process for you.
  • We coordinate all plan approvals and manage the construction process from day 1 to the day you open.
  • We deliver you with a full "turnkey", ready to open center.
  • We assist you with all permits and licensing needed to open.
  • We provide all operational training and support, from marketing and hiring of staff to training staff and making sure you are in compliance with government laws.
  • All centers are monitored in real time for enrollment, budgeting, payroll and expense control with a unique and user-friendly software that is viewable online, on smart phones or via an exclusive The Learning Experience iPad application.
  • Financing available to qualified applicants.
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The TLE Vision Enroll at TLE

The Nation's Fastest Growing Childcare Franchise!

Pioneers in Early Education

The Learning Experience's® founders have spent more than 30 years developing successful care and educational programs that have proven track records of success. From that vast experience, TLE® has developed a system of caring and education for children that has parents sending their child back to TLE® year after year.

At The Learning Experience we are more than just a daycare center franchise. We believe that each child deserves to grow and learn at his/her own pace. Our responsibility as an Academy of Early Education is to provide the tools and the environment that will give every child the opportunity to develop to their greatest potential. Children deserve to receive all the support and respect it takes to establish a strong foundation for their future. We do all of this in a safe and nurturing environment that, is both fun and exciting for children.

Making learning fun and exciting is just one of the way we’re able to develop each child's potential. The other is to focus on the three key educational platforms for children: cognitive, physical and social. Or, as we say at TLE®, "learn, play and grow!"


Our proprietary and often imitated, but never duplicated. L.E.A.P. (Learning Experience Academic Program) Curriculum virtually guarantees that children will graduate TLE® with exceptional academic skills. We know that each child develops at their own pace, so our curriculum was designed to provide experiences for children that promote general academic competency and mastery of developmental tasks no matter what learning stage they’re in. Our proprietary curriculum and enrichment programs have nearly 90% of our children graduating preschool and entering kindergarten already reading.


At TLE®, children engage in a variety of controlled and safe activities that encourage them to be active. Healthy food choices are provided daily.


TLE® embraces important practical matters that are often ignored by other early academic institutions. In order to lay a foundation for them to become respectful and mannered young adults, our children are presented and taught sharing, manners, etiquette and responsibility Through steadfast encouragement and support from our staff, TLE® helps to build confidence in children at an early age that will set them on a path of future achievement.


Our concept, curriculum and caring has set the daycare industry standard that has led to The Learning Experience becoming the fastest growing child care franchise in the U.S. As we continue to grow, we are looking for qualified franchisees to grow with us. To learn more about franchising with TLE®, click the tab above.

Franchising Enroll at TLE

Building a solid business foundation through a commitment to caring

If you’ve ever thought about investing in a child care franchise, now is the most ideal and opportune time. Now, more than ever there is a dramatic demand for daycare. As the number of families sending both parents into the workforce has increased exponentially, the need for quality child care has increased with it. Currently, more than 70% of mothers with children under the age of six have jobs or careers outside the home. In comparison, only 19% of mothers worked outside the home in 1960. As this trend continues to grow, the latest U.S. Census bureau report estimated that 8.4 million children have no formal child care available to them. Families used to worry about sending their children to college. Now, they worry about getting their children into a quality child care center.

Having realized what our consumers are looking for, TLE has innovated and developed the premier child care product available on the market today. From the ground up, our facilities and our services have set the standard in our industry. We are often imitated, but never duplicated. We have been able to set the standard in child care through the vast experience of our founders and executive officers that have been in the child care business for more than a quarter century. Through their collective experience, they have built, operated and franchised more than 2.5 million square feet of child care space in the majority of the U.S. and in four other countries.

This is not a typical child care franchise where the officers come from a myriad of diverse backgrounds and have no practical experience in their business. TLE management has nearly three decades of child care expertise, experience and knowledge that they’ll bestow upon you to make your journey as a child care operator a successful and lucrative venture.

Personal experience in the educational field or franchise industry is not required. We provide our franchisees extensive training and support that begins months prior to opening their center and that continues throughout their tenure as a TLE franchisee. We also provide an array of ongoing, state-approved courses for you and your staff. Our experience, knowledge, training, support we give to our franchisees has given TLE® a hard-earned and well-deserved reputation as not only one of the best child care franchisors, but one of the best franchisors, period. As we continue to expand in the U.S. and the world, we are looking for qualified franchisees to grow with us.

With TLE, you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself. We provide the following:
  • Coordination of site selection
  • Demographic studies and development
  • Complete construction management
  • Fully outfitted and equipped center
  • Completion of all permits and licensing requirements
  • Staff hiring, screening and training
  • Comprehensive operations manuals
  • Extensive training and ongoing support
  • Marketing and advertising guidance and support
  • Complete and detailed curriculum delivered monthly to your center
  • Corporate child care programs made available to franchise locations
  • Weekly monitoring of enrollment, budgeting and expense control with exclusive user-friendly software
  • Routine franchise assessments for quality, cleanliness, curriculum, programming, safety, security
  • Expansive enrichment programs
  • Continuing education workshops offered year round for you and your employees
  • Impeccable reputation of the TLE® brand
About Our Centers Enroll at TLE

Our purpose built facilities are the perfect environment for learning

We understand that for many children, The Learning Experience Academy of Early Education will be their first exposure to structured learning. As such, our daycare centers have been physically designed to foster an environment where students can come together as a learning community and start a life-long journey of learning and inquiry. Our classrooms are built to encourage natural curiosity and creativity. Our furniture, accessories and supplies have been selected to match their age and size to ensure that their introduction to learning is free of unease or discomfort.

  • Cameras in each of the classrooms that are monitored in the administrative office
  • Safe, secure and private access to the center
  • Rounded corners in hallways
  • Bathrooms designed for age-appropriate use
  • Changing tables are faced out so that teachers will never have their back to children
  • Separate classrooms that have been specifically designed for infants, toddlers and preschoolers
  • Make Believe Blvd.® a miniature Main Street, USA: a classroom designed to develop and expand socio-dramatic play
  • Access to age-appropriate technology
  • Spacious, fenced-in playgrounds. One area was designed specifically for infants and toddlers and the other for preschoolers
EB5 Visa Program Enroll at TLE

Invest in a TLE® franchise to achieve U.S. citizenship

The EB5 Visa program implemented by The Learning Experience® provides a method of obtaining a permanent residence (colloquially known as a “green card”) for foreign nationals who invest one million dollars ($1,000,000) in the United States in an enterprise that creates a minimum of 10 full time jobs for US workers. In order to qualify for the EB-5 Visa Program, the investor must make a ‘qualifying investment’. The Learning Experience® will provide the investment vehicle that consists of the acquisition of two ‘The Learning Experience® franchises.

By offering the EB5 Visa Program, TLE is providing a reliable path for foreign nationals and their immediate families to invest in the United States and gain permanent green card status to live, work or retire anywhere within the country.

Program Overview:

  • Fast track processing route to a Green Card
  • Permanent residency in the United States for you, your spouse and any children under the age of 21
  • Freedom to work and live anywhere in the USA
  • US Citizenship possibility after 5 years of holding a Green Card
  • Children can attend colleges and universities at US Resident costs
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