The Learning Experience® (TLE®) curriculum is designed to provide an early education that will promote competency and successful mastery of early developmental tasks. Our curriculum was specifically designed to assist and guide your child through the most crucial stages of his/her early development.


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We believe that how children learn is as important as what they learn. With that idea in mind, The Learning Experience®'s early childhood education experts created our unique and proprietary L.E.A.P.® (Learning Experience Academic Program®) curriculum. L.E.A.P.® encourages each child to achieve success independently while developing intellectually, socially, and cognitively through varied educational materials, activities and social interactions.

L.E.A.P.® is broken up into three separate classes according to chronological age and developmental stage; Little LearnersTM, L.E.A.P.® I and L.E.A.P.® II. At each stage, children are involved in hands-on activities that encourage them to explore and solve problems at their own rate of development.

Little LearnersTM

Children in Little LearnersTM group participate in a monthly themed program that incorporates a wide variety of activities that involve problems in logic, math, reading, phonics and writing skills. Each month has a different theme. Little LearnersTM begins in the infants room and continues through the preppers room.

My Little L.E.A.P.® Book

My Little L.E.A.P.® Book was designed just for preppers to get them acquainted with the habit of sitting and completing a workbook. Each page in their My Little L.E.A.P.® Book consists of a different concept. Colors, shapes, numbers, sequencing and letter awareness are all subjects that are covered on these pages. After group instruction, teachers sit with children in smaller groups of 4 or 5 where they are encouraged to complete a page in their own book. Teachers then assess each child's comprehension and understanding of the subjects covered.

L.E.A.P.® I

L.E.A.P.® I was designed for children in our preschool 1 age group. A step up from My Little L.E.A.P.® Book, children complete one workbook page per day, instead of one page per week. L.E.A.P.® I includes writing readiness, numbers, counting, phonics, sequencing, shapes and colors.

L.E.A.P.®  Journals

L.E.A.P.® Journals are given to our preschool 2 age group to supplement their L.E.A.P.® books. These journals focus on developing their pre-writing skills and also provides space for each child to draw pictures to express their thoughts. Journals are completed weekly and sent home to parents. It is an exceptional opportunity for parents to see their child's reasoning with sentences such as “the sky is blue because…”

L.E.A.P.®  Interactive

L.E.A.P. Interactive® is TLE®'s next generation of curriculum. Designed to enhance the monthly themed L.E.A.P.® curriculum, children interact with the cutting-edge touch technology on a large screen, while experiencing real-time videos and eye-opening destinations via Google® Earth. They can travel the world without ever leaving the classroom. They are also taught to use other unique tech tools like "fill it", "shape it", "draw it", and "spotlight". At the end of the month, the child's L.E.A.P. Interactive® workbook is filled with their "I did this activity on the L.E.A.P. Interactive® board" stickers.

Sign Language

At TLE®, children as young as Infants are introduced to American Sign Language (ASL) on a monthly basis. Studies suggest that teaching babies to use signs and gestures to communicate accelerates their verbal development. Children who learn to sign as babies outperform their peers on IQ assessments, even by as much as 12 points. Handouts of the new signs are sent home with parents at the beginning of each month so they can reinforce signing at home with their children.

Fun with Phonics®

Fun With Phonics® is an all-inclusive, phonemic-based literacy curriculum that was specifically developed for 3-4 year olds.   Through interactive activities and engaging reading experiences, children are introduced to essential language concepts in a fun and exciting way.

There is nothing more rewarding for a child than to possess a life changing skill that can open doors to new adventures and experiences. Fun With Phonics® is a complete early literacy program that will provide a solid knowledge base that a child can build upon to become a lifelong reader and writer.  Our research has shown that almost 90% of our preschoolers enter kindergarten reading, due in large part to our Fun with Phonics® program.

L.E.A.P. into Spanish®

L.E.A.P. into Spanish® serves as an introduction to the Spanish language and Spanish culture.  In addition to learning basic Spanish vocabulary, children are given a play passport as they travel to various Spanish-speaking countries from inside their classroom with our Tito Toro® character as their guide.  Parents are included in the process when our Home Connections page is sent home to assist them in being able to speak Spanish with their children at home.

L.E.A.P. into Mandarin®

"It is critical that foreign language instruction be available to all students throughout their PK-12 academic experience. Knowing other languages and understanding other cultures is a 21st Century skill set for American students as they prepare to live and work in a global society."
- Martha G. Abbott, Director of Education for the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

At TLE®, we have acknowledged our responsibility as educators to rise to this need and thus start preschoolers off on the path to obtaining their "global brains." The second in our series of foreign language programs, Mandarin Chinese, was introduced in 2013. Our teachers were delighted to discover that the Preschoolers are highly drawn to this new curriculum. Because the Mandarin language is quickly becoming the most popular choice for students learning a second language, we could not be happier with the inclusion of this program in our TLE® curriculum. Learning a second language engages both sides of the brain; learning Mandarin Chinese will increase our preschoolers' cultural awareness. The program's fun reinforcement activities, which are completed alongside Ping the Panda™ , shall prepare even our youngest learners to enter a workforce that is becoming increasingly diverse. L.E.A.P. into Mandarin® is taught on a daily basis to the children. They learn different vocabulary each month along with music that ties to the vocabulary words. We look forward to seeing even more evidentiary pieces of learning coming from this curriculum - that includes hearing some of the program's popular tunes being sung at TLE® graduations throughout the country.

Manners Matters® with our Etiquette Coach Penny Polite®

Our Manners Matters® program teaches manners and etiquette to all of our TLE kids.  According to the National Education Association (NEA), children need to be taught manners, social skills and how to be sensitive to others around them at an early age.  The earlier children are introduced to these social graces the better off they will be in adulthood.  As children get older, it becomes much harder to instill these traits.  Teaching our children how to be respectful TLE citizens is an important enhancement to our curriculum, an enhancement that other early academic institutions often overlook.  With the help of our Penny Polite® character , “Tummy to the Table” and “An Elbow Please if You Sneeze” are just a few of the polite terms our children at TLE are introduced to.

Physical Fitness with Flexi FlamingoTM

Our curriculum not only focuses on academic endeavors, but it also provides a basic education on the importance of healthy foods and keeping active. Our resident physical fitness character, Flexi Flamingo will help get children excited about daily stretching, balancing, hopping, and twisting as part of a daily and fun exercise routine.  Making young children aware of positive food choices and participating in regular physical fitness will help provide your young learner with the basic knowledge and skills to hopefully take the first steps to a healthy lifestyle.


The philanthropy curriculum at TLE not only has the preschoolers saying the word philanthropy, it also teaches them the definition. They can even use related words like "cause" and "charity" in the proper context. The preschoolers, teachers, and parents have embraced this newest edition to the TLE® curriculum. It all started with the creation of the wonderful mascots of the program—Grace the Greyhound and Charity Chihuahua, to the slogan: "It's not how big or small you are, it's the size of your heart that matters," to the song writing, to the finalizing of monthly philanthropic events selected specifically to tie into the monthly curriculum theme all while having the overall goal of teaching our young learners that they can make a difference in the world around them.

On a monthly basis the preschoolers are introduced to a new philanthropy-related vocabulary word. The curriculum starts in the classroom with the teacher explaining the new word in child-friendly terms and is then supported by the philanthropy mascots singing songs about philanthropy. This learning is accompanied by a philanthropic center event that highlights the monthly vocabulary word all while encouraging parents to participate. The idea of hosting a monthly event reinforces what the preschoolers are learning inside their classrooms and gives them a hands-on approach to a subject matter that is not as tangible as penmanship or color identification.

During the month of February, TLE® centers participate in the silent art auction, "BeCause Our Hearts Beat", where parents and the public bid on heart-art pieces created by the students and staff. All proceeds are donated to the Make-A-Wish® organization at our corporate centers and franchise centers donate to the charity of their choice. Stories of the program's success always pour in from centers across the country—from the parent who filmed her child singing and dancing to the Grace the Greyhound and Charity ChihuahuaTM theme song, to the center director who willingly stepped up to the plate and raffled off chances to have herself dunked into a dunk-tank booth to raise money for the Make-A-Wish® organization. These are the kinds of things that make us proud to be a childcare provider that is teaching preschoolers how to give back and be outstanding citizens in their communities. Some events we hold throughout the school year that tie into the vocabulary word of the month are Support the Troops, Save the Animals, Food Drive, Going Green, and more.