Objectives for Learning building a foundation for life

The Learning Experience's® founders have spent more than 30 years developing successful educational programs on a national scale. From that vast experience, TLE® has developed these primary educational objectives for its students:


TLE® will embrace important practical matters that are often ignored by other early academic institutions. In order to lay a foundation for them to become respectful and mannered young adults, our children are presented and taught sharing, manners, etiquette and responsibility.


Children will graduate TLE® with exceptional academic skills that will provide them with a solid foundation for all future life endeavors. The goals we have set for children at TLE® have been formed with respect for the individual child and are tailored for each age group. The objectives were set with both the knowledge of the typical development cycle of a child and through an awareness of differences in patterns of growth, personality, learning style and family background.

We know that each child develops at their own pace, so our curriculum was designed to provide experiences for children that promote general academic competency and mastery of developmental tasks no matter what learning stage they’re in.

"All three of our son's teachers have been wonderful. We know this for a fact because he asks for each of these teachers during the weekends when he is away from school."
- Mr. and Mrs. Wiggs (Rocky Point Center)


At TLE®, children engage in a variety of controlled and safe activities that encourage them to be active. Healthy food choices are provided daily.


TLE® staff understands the importance of creating a warm, safe and nurturing environment for your child's comfort. Through steadfast encouragement and support, TLE® helps to build confidence in your child at an early age that will set them on a path of future achievement.