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My son was previously at a childcare well known throughout Jacksonville and was considered to be 5 star, but circumstances occurring proved different. Transitioning my son to TLE was the best decision made, communication is always a key factor in addition to safety and I can say they have met both from day one!! Keep up the great work!
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TLE of Marlton, NJ!! My family and I recently moved to Voorhees and needed to find a daycare for our 2 year-old daughter and soon to be born son. Prior to our move, we toured/visited approximately 8-9 daycares in the area. As soon as we walked into The Learning Experience of Marlton, NJ, however, we knew it was the one. For starters, the center was immaculate, very bright, and overly welcoming. Once inside, the staff was very friendly and outgoing. After we met the owner/director, Tricia, we knew that this was the place that we would trust to watch over our most cherished possession(s)!! It has now been over 9 months since we picked TLE of Marlton as our daycare and we now have two children enrolled in TLE. I can honestly say that we have never second guessed our choice and consider TLE our second home! Miss Tricia, the co-directors, and teachers care so much about the children and continually strive to make TLE of Marlton a better place for children to learn and have fun with their classmates. Most importantly, however, my children learn SO MUCH from their teachers and the other students at TLE. We frequently recieve compliments from others about how smart and well behaved our children are. As much as my wife and I would like to take full credit for that, I will honestly admit that we owe a lot of that to the teachers/staff at TLE. In sum, we are SO LUCKY to have found TLE of Marlton and highly recommend it to any parent in seach of daycare for thier little ones!
I am very protective of my soon to be 2 and 3 year old Daughter and Son and want them to be in a safe environment. After interviewing many daycares, I chose The Learning Experience because they treat each child as if they were their own. Ms Carly, Madhu Rita, Carly are full of passion, truly knows how to "train" children and are miracle workers. The Learning Experience is not only a valuable resource for care during working hours, but also for supplemental babysitting, and we can confidently recommend it to anyone. They provide healthy, balanced regular hot meals and snacks. They also have daily circle/song time, crafts projects, various skills building toys/activities, and sufficient and regular outdoor play in a well kept area in the back. The organizers and day care staff are kind and attentive. There are also a lot of little extra touches that make moms feel like their kids are very well taken care of such as the daily reports, Extra Hugs and warmth that each teacher shows. I'm extremely satisfied with my choice and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a daycare center for their precious child.
My son was crying every day until the third day, that was it !!! The Learning Experince is awesome and a very clean, and very patient with my son. The Director here is so warming and welcoming to myself and my son everyday in the morning. When I'm having a bad day at work I am welcomed with such warmth by Tami and the wonderful Teachers !! I am so happy with leaving my son in their care all day every day !!