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What are parents saying about TLE?

My son has been coming here since 9 months. I'm a very nervous first time mom. Although I am a bit tough on the center at times and want what is best for my son, I feel that the center is very professional and works their best to accommodate my childs needs. He loves his teachers and friends. The center is very clean and nice.
I have a child that has been attending TLE in South Easton, MA for over 1 year and I cannot express how happy I am that I made the choice to enroll her there! Right from the start the staff has been loving & nurturing. The teachers go out of there way to create a warm and "friend"ly environment. The curriculum is outstanding and I am amazed at all she learns throughout the week. The learning is interactive and I am kept in the loop via communications in person and through the Preschool Press (newsletter). Philanthropy, foreign language, sign language, enrichment programs as well as social skills building via play time in Make Believe Boulevard or on the Playground- they offer everything I could ask for. I truly love TLE and the wonderful teachers we have been lucky enough to have that play a significant role in her daily growth & development. Thanks TLE!! Lori M.
My children have been going here since we moved to the area a year ago. It was tough finding a nice and reasonably priced one here. I found that TLE was exactly what I needed and it was in a very nice area with great hours and prices. Also the teachers have been great and I really love that the owners take pride in the business and not only come to site everyday but they will be in the rooms with the children helping out. Also there are people who need to be recognized and unfortunately I'm bad with names but that Ms. Brown, Mrs. Thompson, and Ms. Nash have been wonderful along with the preschool 1 class teachers and helpers. Thank you
My son has been going to the learning experience since he was 4 months old. The teachers are awesome and my son loves it there. The staff is friendly and caring. I highly recommend this school .