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What are parents saying about TLE?

The schools has definitely exceeded my expectations. When I heard about TLE from a work colleague, I was excited about having such a great place close to home. They take great care of my daughter, she is almost 14 months now and has been there since she was 10 weeks old. They are very hands-on with their learning and help me navigate through parenting situations. As a new parent, I know I can count on them. Grace (the owner) really takes pride on having a great facility and follows every policy there is. She has been available when needed for discussions and advice, and addresses situations promptly. I know my daughter is in great hands and I will definitely recommend the Southside TLE to all the families out there!
Lucia has been going to TLE since she was 3 months old and now she's almost 3 YEARS old! From the moment we toured TLE we could tell there was something different about it vs. the other places we were looking. The facility was kept up so nice, there were so many enrichment programs offered included in the tuition, the staff, owners, and teachers were friendly and caring. Lucia has since come to love her TLE family of teachers. She's had a special connection with each of them as she's grown and always wants to go visit her old teachers. She's had quite a few very special teachers that have gone above and beyond to care for her and probably more so - make sure that I feel comfortable as Lucia's mom. They know how tough it is to leave your child in the care of someone else for most of the day and are very accommodating. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that she is so happy at school with her teachers and friends. I always say she is like the mayor of TLE because everyone knows her name and she knows everyone too. Thank you TLE Waldwick for the care and love you provide to Lucia every day!
The Learning Experience has been a very special part of our lives for the past year. Kyle started TLE when he was 2.5 years old, and he enjoyed the Prepper and Preschool 1 classes tremendously. We love hearing Kyle recount his experiences at school every day, and it is incredibly encouraging and rewarding to see him grow and develop, all with so much joy from the bottom of his heart! The school offers a very well balanced curriculum with supporting activities, and it draws upon a variety of academic, cultural, and social elements that are relevant, focused, and fun to learn. The staff here is amazing - with so much loving care, attention to detail, and dedication, they make every day a special day for kids at TLE. We cannot thank TLE enough for a wonderful experience, and Kyle will always be proud to say his first school was TLE:).
The Learning Experience has been a part of our lives for three and half years. In that time my daughter has grown both academically and emotionally from the guidance of her wonderful teachers. I love hearing all the new things she has learned each day.