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Want to add another review about this wonderful location. I now have another Grandchild that has been here for about 7 months. I know she is very happy here when I look in the window and see her interacting with the other babies. Watching the teachers with the babies you could not tell if they are teachers or the actual Mom's. My oldest Grandchild has learned so much. Seeing his excitement when he knows a word in a book, sees a word in a store, on a menu or just traveling in the car really makes me happy he is excited about learning to read. Watching him tell me about things his amazing teachers have done during the day or taught the class enforces the fact that TLE was a very good decision. I want to add some of the learning tools they have used to help the children learn are remarkable. The Activity Cube, tie dying shirts, making Gak, making mashed potato's, race track 8's, all of the learning songs, songs played by his teacher using a real guitar, and even the visits from the Kona ice truck, The Reading Rover and many of the other visitors are many of the things that impress me but reinforce learning with all of the children. His teachers are amazing and all the Staff are very nice and you can tell they care about the children. I give TLE 10 **********
We had to switch our son's daycare when I switched jobs. We were a little worried about his transition but the center made the process smooth. My son loves all the teachers who stop and talk to him in the hallway as we travel to and from his classroom. Everyone is extremely personable and he is learning so much!!!
We are very satisfied with the level of care and education our 2 year has received since starting at this center in June. She has absolutely blossomed with the help of her amazing teachers. They are so supportive and caring!! We couldn't be happier.
We were very happy with my son's previous preschool, except for its location. I decided to tour TLE because it is down the street from us, with no real intention to switch. I was highly impressed with the facility and staff, so we made the switch after Summer break. We could not be happier. The facility is bright, clean and colorful. The staff is amazing. We are greeted with smiles and by name every day, and I am notified of anything of importance immediately. I would highly recommend TLE in Lakewood Ranch!